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Hair Anatomy focuses on studying the structure of the hair and scalp, as well as the properties and characteristics of hair, and how to treat it.


Su trayectoria profesional se podría definir en una evolución constante en el mundo de la peluquería, labrándose así una extensa experiencia de más de 33 años. La curiosidad y la creatividad que le inspiraba la peluquería fue el motivo para que centrase sus estudios en el apasionante mundo del estilismo.



Natural program of progressive straightening that reduces frizz, disciplines the hair, facilitates straightening and protects the hair from the thermal action of heat (dryer / iron).

Rizos Program

Thanks to its formula based on Argan Oil, it nourishes and protects the curl structure, together with the complex of phospholipids that ghts frizzy hair. RIZOS is the perfect programme to achieve long-lasting dened and exible curls, without frizz and with wave movement. Shampoo Maximum curl de ning shampoo. Mask Colour Protector Mask. Curls Activator The hair recovers its volume, providing brightness and smoothness NOT COMPRESSING THE CURLS.


TSUBAKI ES UN PROGRAMA ULTRA-REPARADOR del cabello inspirado en el secreto de belleza de las mujeres orientales, el Tsubaki Oil, utilizado para dar a las geishas su imponente belleza. Se obtiene de las semillas de la camelia japónica, y aporta unos beneficios espectaculares en la reparación y recuperación de los cabellos secos y deshidratados.


Nirvel Cosmetics launches the Capillary Energizing Treatment, an innovative treatment that prevents from the hair loss and stimulates its growth.


This reinforces fine hair, while also cleansing and protecting the scalp. Cleans, prepares and nourishes the hair follicle so that hair is born stronger and healthier. The hair is stronger and has greater elasticity and brushing strength.


Longevity Hair is an age defence capillary programme developed to prevent the hair loss and to provide the hair with vitality and strength. It also provides an immediate aspect and quality improvement of the capillary fibre. This programme acts on the hair follicle, on the scalp and the capillary fibre


ltra-Regenerator formulated with High and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid that provides volume, softness and improves the shine and strength of the hair. The combination of its four active ingredients favours the creation of a protective film that shields the hair from polluting particles that adhere to the hair and seal the cuticle.


Revitalizes the capillary fibre from the root to the end and increments the hair natural volume. Repairs and increases the strenght to burst of the hair, giving back its vitality


The low molecular weight hyaluronic acid works by filling the hair fiber, in this way the rebellious cuticle layers are smoothed giving a vigorous appearance, without frizz, elastic and with body to the hair.



For hair that tends to be greasy and matted. Purifies and smoothes the capillary fibre so that the greasing particles do not stick together. Leaves the scalp free of impurities, while also regulating the production of seborrhea and prevents grease from reappearing for some time.



Formulated to effectively produce a long-lasting calming effect, from the first application and without causing harm. Improves the hair’s hydration, leaving it soft, shiny and full of life. With freshness sensation.


DETOX is a purifying program for hair. Balances the microflora of the scalp, effectively eliminating dandruff and itching sensation and irritation. Detox with a healthy and a pleasant feeling of comfort is achieved scalp, and a hair hydrated and care.


Specially formulated to act effectively on the residues deposited on the scalp and the dead cells, without causing any harm. Thanks to its peeling and cleansing effect, the scalp is left clean and more prepared to absorb the active ingredients. The hair is clean, soft and shiny.

Natural Origin- 100% Vegan Friendly