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“Peeling Q Collection” by LeviSsime is LeviSsime’s great bet for the autumn / winter 2021 season: the new collection of latest generation Chemical Peels, with visible results from the first session. As a result, skin that is much smoother and visibly much more luminous.

The line has three Chemical Peels for three types of skin with spectacular results.

What is a chemical peel and what is it for? Chemical peel is an acidic chemical solution applied to the skin to cause controlled exfoliation and renew / regenerate the most superficial layers of the skin. Accelerates the natural process of renewal of skin cells.

They are indicated in case of hyperpigmentation, mature skin to eliminate the effects of aging, acne marks, imperfections, enlarged pores, dull or lack of luminosity skin. The formulation is based on a combination of acids. The choice of one or the other, or the combination of several depends on the needs of each skin.



Esperanza Amaya, especialista en tratamientos y rituales de Belleza, inició su trayectoria profesional en el mundo la Estética hace más de 24 años cuando empezó sus estudios específicos en estética superior, técnicas de masaje e imagen personal.