Peeling Quimico

Chemical Peel: the star treatment of the season

When the fall and winter season arrives, the skin must be renewed and rejuvenated after the summer. To do this, one of the recommendations is to propose a chemical peel. The combination of acids is applied to the skin to cause a controlled exfoliation and to renew / regenerate the most superficial layers of the skin. Accelerates the natural process of skin cell renewal and as a result, skin that is much smoother and visibly much brighter.

They are indicated in case of hyperpigmentation, mature skin to eliminate the effects of aging, acne marks, imperfections, enlarged pores, dull or lack of luminosity skin. The choice of one or the other, or the combination of several depends on the needs of each skin.

LeviSsime’s Peeling Q Collection consists of:

Age Renew Peeling. Powerful Rejuvenating Effect. Indicated for skins that present lines of expression, deep wrinkles, roughness, lack of luminosity, firmness or turgidity in the skin. Its action has a double regenerative and global anti-aging effect.

White Pearl Peeling. Luminous, renewed and blemish-free skin. Indicated for skins that present hyperpigmentation. It works by improving globally, lightening and minimizing dark spots on the skin.

Pure Balance Peeling. Balanced and Renewed Skin. Indicated for oily or acne skin that favours cell renewal. It exerts a decrease in the production of sebum and a soothing and anti-inflammatory action on the skin.

But, how is Peeling Q Collection applied? The program begins with a Pre-Peeling to thoroughly cleanse the skin; Next, the specific Peeling is applied for each type of skin; On clean skin, its concentrate is applied; and is finished with Advanced Ultra Protector Daily Cream SPF50 +

What happens after the treatment and aftercare of the skin? Immediately, the skin may be a little reddened, with some tightness. In the following days, a renewal of the skin will occur, and some small peeling may or may not be visible. The treatment must be supported with a suitable cosmetic for the chemical peeling treatment carried out.

It is essential to apply Advance Ultra Protect Daily Cream SPF 50+ sun protection factor every morning.

If you are interested in learning more about Peeling Q Collection and its benefits, do not miss the presentation of the collection exclusively for Nirvel Academy.