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Babylights highlights have become an option to give clarity to your hair. It is a technique that recreates small light bulbs in your hair, and you will learn how to distribute and direct the hair to achieve the best results.


La peluquería, los tratamientos de belleza y la asesoría de imagen han estado muy presentes en la trayectoria profesional de Patricia Albert. Su pasión por la imagen y el visagismo empezó con sus estudios de Peluquería y Asesoría de Imagen Personal Corporativa. Estudios que complementó con Pedagogía y Didáctica.




To protect and maintain the colour of cool blonde hair.



A powerful bleaching agent that is easy to prepare and apply. Hair can be bleached up to 5 shades lighter. Perfect for highlights, reflections and full bleaches, with a delicate action on the hair.


Decoblanc is a discoloration toning cream that, added to discoloration, removes the orange and yellowish tones of the wick in a single application.


Powerful bleaching powder to lighten hair. Bleaches without leaving yellowish hues thanks to the blue pigments included in its formula, obtaining perfect white. Hair can be bleached up to 5 shades lighter, respecting the structure of the hair fibre without damaging it.


Non-volatile jellified bleach that lightens up to 10 levels. Its formulation containing a concentration of mineral oils, gelling agents, and clay mineral creates a lipid film on the hair, helping it to retain its moisture and preventing it from becoming dry. Its creamy, non-volatile texture provides excellent adhesion and easy distribution on the hair, resulting in an even bleaching process. The lightening granules are covered with a bluish dye to nuance the hair. Suitable for all bleaching techniques: Enclosed highlights, open air, balayage, and global lightening.


Together with the NIRVEL ArtX colouring cream, allow you to find the colour that suits you best.


ltra-Regenerator formulated with High and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid that provides volume, softness and improves the shine and strength of the hair. The combination of its four active ingredients favours the creation of a protective film that shields the hair from polluting particles that adhere to the hair and seal the cuticle.