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Raquel Egea’s professional career could be defined as: a constant evolution in the world of hairdressing, thus building extensive work experience of more than 33 years. The curiosity and creativity that the hairdresser inspired in her was the reason for her to focus her studies on the exciting world of styling.

After several years carrying out different functions and positions in the sector, Raquel acquired a wide and deep knowledge of the characteristics and techniques necessary for the care and beauty of hair. Education & Training has always been a fundamental pillar in his professional career, and he has been trained by great professionals from the world of hairdressing at national and international level, discovering in each of them new techniques, new methods and inspiration.

Raquel began her work at Nirvel Professional as a corporate trainer and educator, giving training to professionals in the sector at a national and international level, sharing coloring application techniques and technical processes. Currently, she leads her own team at Nirvel Professional creating innovative techniques embodied in collections and training capsules focused on advising the brand to hairdressing professionals.



Esperanza Amaya, specialist in beauty treatments and rituals, began her professional career in the world of Aesthetics more than 24 years ago when she began her specific studies in superior aesthetics, massage techniques and personal image.

Her professional experience is rich and varied. She has developed her career in different areas of cosmetics, specializing in facial and body treatments and sensory massage techniques such as Bambutherapy, Pindas or Wood Therapy, among others.

At present, Esperanza is LeviSsime’s Esthetician Technician and is responsible for the professional training of the brand and the technification department, where she performs the various tests and efficacy tests of cosmetic products that are formulated for our clients.



Javier Ventoso is who he is as a professional today thanks to his early passion for styling and visagism. Passion to which he dedicates all his time, combining continuous training in the hairdressing sector with his own Beauty Salon: “Imatge Nova”.

Specialist in bridal hairstyles and updos, Stylist in events and fashion shows and Visagist creator in thematic events and local parties. He also makes editorials for different magazines in the sector and collaborates on fashion collections. In addition, Javier is a Member of the Fígaro Club where he has presented his fashion and avant-garde collections annually for more than 8 years

And as if all this were not enough, Javier combines his work in his salon as a Nirvel Professional Stylist Technician creating the brand’s biannual collections and participating in hairdressing training nationally and internationally



Hairdressing, beauty treatments and image consulting have been very present in Patricia Albert’s professional career. Her passion for image and visagism began with her studies in Hairdressing and Corporate Personal Image Consulting. Studies that she complemented with Pedagogy and Didactics.

Her work experience began in different beauty and hairdressing centers, but it took a 360º turn when she started working in companies that manufacture cosmetic products, where she was given the opportunity to develop her professional career in different areas.

Currently, Patricia performs various roles within Nirvel Professional, mainly efficacy studies, product analysis and stylist technician in national and international Nirvel Professional trainings.



Styling and professional education in the world of hairdressing have marked the 16-year career of Paulina Ceccopieri, current Technical Educator Nirvel USA. Currently, she dedicates her time and resources to train stylists from the United States and Mexico at an international level.

Her own training in Nirvel Professional techniques and products began at the Nirvel Cosmetics Technification Center, at its headquarters in Spain, under the guidance of Raquel Egea, Nirvel Professional’s  Stylist Director.

During last 6 years she has managed to train more than 50 promotions of stylists, which represents about 700 professionals from various cities such as San Diego, Dallas or New York, thus instilling her passion for styling and creativity in her students.