Cuida tu pelo después del verano

Tips to take care of your hair after the summer

Summer is synonymous with relax, fun, pool party, unplug…but also damaged hair. Many of us break up with the routine of caring for our hair and neglect it with the beach and the mountains, in addition to external elements such as the sun, chlorine, salt water … that help our hair to be more punished or in worse condition than before starting our vacation.

What can we do to prevent it? Follow the advice that we give you below.

First of all, you should go to your trusted hairdressing salon. So that? Very simple, your hair is surely crying out for a good haircut to heal the damaged ends, and if you accompany it with a specific repairing treatment it will help you maintain and give shine to our hair.

Even if you have cared for your hair, we recommend using products with nutritious and coordinated formulas, such as the Tsubaki line, a program obtained from the Japanese camellia provides spectacular benefits to our hair. The treatment provides hydration and repair from within. Its results are visible from the first application, achieving softness, maximum hydration, a filling effect, nutrition, flexibility and all without greasing or adding weight to the hair.

On the other hand, it is essential to help hydrate and detangle our hair with a good conditioner or a mask that helps reconstitute the outer part of our hair.

And the final trick, as advice, would be to finish the wash and rinse with cold or warm water. This simple trick will help you stimulate blood circulation and therefore make your hair shine more. By reducing excess heat in our hair we help it stay in better condition.