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Naturals BodyFeeling from LeviSsime is a body program made up of five very innovative liposculpture products in the field of cosmetics, formulated with more than 92% ingredients of natural origin with high antioxidant power based on plant extracts such as: Centella asiatica, Ginkgo and ivy. The active active ingredients present in the entire line provide a reducing, draining and firming effect on the skin, activating circulation and smoothing the skin. Its composition is based on chronobiology, activating lipolysis and achieving a 24-hour day and night action. that remodels contours, reduces volume and eliminates cellulite. In addition, it contains an ingredient that guides the assets such as a GPS system, favoring its effectiveness.



Esperanza Amaya, especialista en tratamientos y rituales de Belleza, inició su trayectoria profesional en el mundo la Estética hace más de 24 años cuando empezó sus estudios específicos en estética superior, técnicas de masaje e imagen personal.